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Sophie: Unique in every way

Sophie is simutenously the one of the prettiest and quirkiest cats I’ve ever met. Every day she stares at me with her surprisingly large, yellow eyes until I let her out of her cat condo to play or hang out on the catio. My favorite thing to do is watch Sophie drink water, because she sticks her paws in the bowl and licks the water off of them like a complete weirdo. Some days she’s is incredibly friendly, others she’s a little crazy, but you can always count on Sophie to be herself.

Sophie is two-years-old and has a beautiful tortoiseshell coat of many colors. She also has a stumpy tail with a small bump in the middle that she prefers you don’t touch, so the fur on that spot is perpetually messed up. Sophie’s favorite thing to do is hang out on the catio, and she will stare pleadingly on the windowsill regardless of how chilly it is outside. On nice days when her begging pays off, she loves sitting in the sun, watching birds, or standing up on her hind legs to stare at unknown objects in the distance. Sophie’s relationship with other cats is fascinating, primarily because she can’t seem to decide if she likes them or not. Even though Sophie often gets in other cats’ faces and makes a big show of sniffing them, she gets really bothered when they repeat the same behaviour towards her. Kittens specifically are the ones that tend to displease her, though a few of the older cats have been subjected to Sophie’s displeased meows as well. I get the feeling that she prefers to be the “boss” around other cats, as she is usually more at ease with reserved cats that give her enough space to do her own thing. Sophie is more lenient and friendly with humans, but similarly does not like it when you get in her space without having passed her little sniffing exam. She’s a fairly vocal cat, so thankfully it isn’t difficult to figure out when you’ve crossed a line as long as you pay attention.

Sophie has been with HSNEI for a year and is still in good spirits, but would

love to find a home soon. She is such a unique cat and I would love to see her get adopted by a family that appreciates her quirks. My family has owned our fair share of odd cats and they’ve always been amazing friends and quality entertainment, much like Sophie.

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