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Spay/Neuter Fun-Raising Events

Your gift helps us manage the companion animal overpopulation by funding free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries that help improve quality of life for people and companion animals in Northeast Iowa.
We are deeply grateful for your generosity and support.

Thank you for supporting our Spay/Neuter initiative! Special thanks to everyone who so generously made donations of time, event expenses, and cash. We truly could not do what we do without the amazing support of each and every one of you. Check back for results of our high-volume clinic on Arpril 5th. Join us to be a part of this exciting challenge. Attend the events, have fun, and support a great cause. If you are unable to attend our events, you can still support this much-needed community effort!


FUNDS 4 Healthier Dogs & Cats in NE Iowa

We are adding new partners each month: together we are working as a community to find creative, effective solution to manage overpopulation and reduce diseases for our cats & dogs  in 2024!

Our 1st grant application for funding DENIED: HSNEI is actively pursuing other funding sources. The HSNEI board approved purchase of portable equipment needed for high-volume spay-neuter clinics at partner locations. At this time, we are talking with interested veterinarians to define that partnership. We will keep you informed our progress...

Dog & Cat Overpopulation Our dog and cat overpopulation in Northeast Iowa continues to climb. We are seeing an increasing number of stray dogs and dog groups surrendered. Homeless cats continue to pour in, especially during kitten season. The more homeless animals we have, the higher the rate of diseases that can spread to family pets. The good news is we can manage this with networking and united work efforts, which will decrease the suffering and deaths of homeless cats and the spread of diseases to family pets. By working together, we can get this under control. Studies have shown that a Community Spay/Neuter initiative needs all four of the following components to be successful: *High-volume spay/neuter facilities *Veterinarians and technicians working together to offer reasonable medical fees for spay/neuter surgeries *Educated community members who understand the value and promote the need for spaying/neutering pets *Sufficient funding to provide surgery for homeless cats and dogs in addition to financial assistance for pet families in need

High-Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic Update On April 5th, HSNEI is holding a clinic at the Northeast Iowa Dairy & Agricultre Foundation. We currently have 21 participants confirmed. HSNEI partners with Northeast Iowa Community College Production and Companion Animal Veterinary Technician Program (Agriculture and Animals Sciences). The clinic team volunteers their time, and NICC provides the surgery space and medical equipment (in partnership with the NE IA Dairy & Agriculture Foundation). Thank you to our participants for supporting this clinic and the spay/neuter initiative!

Target: $24-IN-24



by end of 2024

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