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HSNEI offers the following programs to replace sponsoring specific animal adoption fees (which does not increase the rate of adoption) in an effort to involve the community in support of the care of HSNEI animals.
All donations are tax deductible. The sponsorship form is at the bottom of this page.


Even if you're not able to adopt a pet, you can help homeless animals by sponsoring their care at the Love & Friendship Adoption Center while they wait to find a new home. Please fill out the sponsorship form below.


HSNEI is a non-profit organization that relies on donations, sponsorships and fundraising for maintaining the Adoption Center and giving quality care to our animals. Your tax-deductible contribution keeps our Center doors open and us able to provide veterinary care, food and shelter to all of the animals in our Center.


2 weeks: Only $35.00
1 Month: Only $60.00
2 Months: Only $115.00


When you sign up to be a sponsor, we will mount a laminated card on the kennel of your choice in recognition of your contribution with your name, an individual/family name or memorial/club or group name. The card will be placed on the animal’s kennel or condo you choose for the length of time you request. In addition to the name, you can choose a message for display. Visitors to the Love & Friendship Adoption Center will know you are a friend to the Center animals. Your sponsorship will be transferred to any animal residing in your kennel or condo if you choose a specific animal for your sponsorship. This is also a wonderful and lasting way to pay tribute to a loved one or pet.


Give a spay/neuter to help prevent pet overpopulation in Northeast Iowa.

+ $100 -- 1 spay/neuter for an HSNEI dog, preventing up to 5,000 unwanted dogs in 5 years.

+ $75 --1 spay/neuter for an HSNEI cat, preventing up to 400,000 unwanted kittens in 5 years

+ $70 -- 1spay or neuter for a low income family pet in Northeast Iowa

+ $50 -- 1 spay/neuter for a community cat, helping to reduce the homeless cat population



HSNEI offers many ways for classrooms to participate in helping animals find forever homes. When a classroom sponsors a kennel or cat condo, the name of the classroom, including all student names, are displayed on a card on the animal’s kennel or condo for one month. The classroom will receive updated photos on each animal in the kennel or condo during the sponsorship time, including news when the animal is adopted. The following classroom sponsorships are available:


1 Month: Only  $50.00
2 Months: Only $100.00

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