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Become an HSNEI Member

Become an annual member of HSNEI by filling out the membership form below. Every membership helps save animal lives!

Monthly Membership Payment Link

Annual Membership Payment Link

Memberships, donations and adoption fees provide the majority of funding, as we do not receive federal governmental funding. Your annual membership will help us help more animals find their forever homes. We foster and adopt out over 300 animals a year after they are spayed or neutered, given vaccinations, and provided other medical treatment to make them a healthy pet. Animals at the Adoption Center are given shelter, love, care, and training by staff and volunteers.


Cat’s Meow, Top Dog and HSNEI Super Hero level members receive a 20% discount on HSNEI merchandise. Memberships are annual. Renewal notices will be sent by email. All donations are tax deductible.


Thanks for your support!

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