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HSNEI Foster Care Program


HSNEI foster families provides temporary shelter and care for pets waiting to be adopted. When you foster a pet through HSNEI, you provide safety and training for a pet in need of a little extra TLC.


HSNEI animals in need of foster care range from young kittens and puppies to senior cats and dogs. They may have been orphaned, abandoned, or can no longer be cared for by their owners.

HSNEI is responsible for and covers all veterinary care. Additionally we provide food and treat, toys, and supplies.  

To join our HSNEI Foster Family Team, click the Apply button.

  1. When a new window opens, enter your email address and click the Submit button.

  2. Please wait a couple of days for your application to process.

  3. We will contact you to personalize your profile so your new foster-family member is a good fit for you.

For additional information, click the Information button on the left.

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