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Family Dog

Shelter Animal Getaway

Sometimes adult pets need a break from the shelter until they’re adopted. They tend to be dogs and might be longer-residents or dogs who aren’t coping well in the shelter environment.

Cute Kittens

Kitten Season

Caring for cats and kittens, especially mama cats who have recently given birth, then continuing to care for her family until they are ready for adoption.Throughout the spring and summer, and into fall, we are always in need of fosters for adult cats, young kittens, bottle-baby kittens and mother cats with kittens.

Foster Family Information

Different Foster Needs for Different Animals

  • Shelter Animal Getaway

  • Kitten Season

  • Dog and Cat Socialization

  • Special Needs Care

Dog with Family in Background


Socializing animals who aren't completely comfortable with humans: sometimes it's for puppies and kittens; but also adult animals.Foster families who help socialize pets will do so under the guidance of our foster family team.


Special Needs

Caring for special cases: typically pets who need a calm, quiet home environment for recovery after surgery or injury.

How It Works

HSNEI will:

  • Provide a healthy, adoptable animal for you to temporarily house

  • Fully vaccinate and microchip each animal

  • Recommend which dog or cat(s) fit your current household and provide integration advice for any current pets

  • Provide ongoing behavior advice as needed

  • Provide necessary supplies (i.e. food, toys)

All Fosters will:

  • Sign a foster home agreement

  • Review guidelines and housing requirements

  • Commit to housing a foster animal for a week, a month, or longer as needed

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