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Our Vision
We envision a world where people and animals thrive together.

We work with partners and individuals to provide accessible, affordable solutions for people and animals in the communities we serve.
Our Mission

The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa (HSNEI) began operations in Decorah, Iowa in 1995. We help people, cats, and dogs in need across our 5-county area (Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, Winneshiek). Creating the best possible outcomes for cats and dogs in our care and in our communities: we improve quality of life through quality care, adoption matches, and pet family & community services.

HSNEI improves quality of life through quality:

  1. Care for dogs and cats in need--in our custody and in our community. We provide the best possible animal care, considering the animals’ mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing; current situations; and available resources.

  2. Adoption and foster matches--we match families with pets who fit their homes, personalities, and lifestyles. We work hard to find the best match for our animals. We partner with other organizations to find homes for as many animals as possible, including sanctuaries, behaviorists, extended networks, and other animal welfare organizations. We place animals in foster homes when we can while awaiting their forever homes, with a focus on animals who do poorly in a shelter environment.

  3. Services for our pet families and community members. We are continuously learning what helps people in our neighborhoods and which services provide the most-needed support. We do our best to understand and help where we can. Current services include pet adoptions, animal surrenders, humane education, neighborhood spay/neuter and microchip & nail trim clinics, and pet owner support.

HSNEI is a private nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. We are not affiliated with or funded by any national group, nor do we receive financial aid from the United Way, local, state, or federal government. We do receive and appreciate service-supported funding from city and county governments in our 5-county area. We support operations and programs through donations, bequests, grants, special events, adoption fees, service fees, and merchandise sales. HSNEI is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN: 42-1447461).

HSNEI is a Best Friends Network Partner and a PetCo Foundation Partner


HSNEI is proud to partner with the South Winneshiek Veterinary Clinic in providing quality veterinary care for the animals in our care.

HSNEI By The Numbers


HSNEI is dedicated to:
Finding homes for adoptable cats and dogs and
educing the homeless companion animal population in our service area.

2023 Numbers:

Number of animals served:      590

Adoptions:                                          391

Lost pets returned to owners:  26

Lifesaving Percentage:               98%, using the Save Rate

                                                                   97%, using either the ASPCA or Asilomar Live Release Rate

2022 Numbers:

Number of animals served: 587

Adoptions: 365

Lost pets returned to owners: 24

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