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Wait-Listed Owner Surrenders & Courtesy Posts

Sometimes, the shelter is so limited on space that we need to place animal surrender applicants on our waiting list.

You (the pet owner) may request a Facebook post to advertise your pet's availability. The goal of the posting is to find a new home without bringing your pet into the animal shelter, which is much less stress for you pet.


Your pet will remain in your custody.

We do not provide any vetting services: it is the pet owner's responsibility to approve and accept a new home and owner prior to releasing the pet into someone else's care.
We hope that pet owners and potential pet owners will be polite and respectful to each other . Thank you!

Rehoming Assistance from Adopt a Pet

Our goal is to have animals in homes whenever possible. A shelter environment is very stressful for companion animals--to some more than others.


Adopt a Pet offers a resource to help pet owners rehome their pets.

This is a resource you can use before surrendering to HSNEI, especially when we are unable to accept your pet for capacity reasons . 

We are here to help you. Please contact us with your questions and concerns.


Please click the image below, to visit Adopt a Pet's Rehome website.

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