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Barn Cat Program

Barn Cat Program
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Through our Barn Cat program, HSNEI places healthy cats who would not do well as house pets in outdoor environments where they have shelter, food, water, and vet care as needed. These cats can live happy lives working to control rat and mice populations. They will be successful with access to the outdoors or in large spaces — a farm, workshop, warehouse, or any other type of property that rodents tend to inhabit. Barn cats are typically independent animals and may or may not enjoy human interaction. While there is no adoption fee for barn cats, donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of sterilization and vaccines.


Barn cat adoption details:

  • All barn cats will be sterilized and ear tipped. Ear tipping — a procedure wherein the last ¼ inch of the left ear is removed with a straight-line surgical cut — is the universal sign that an outdoor cat has been sterilized. This is performed during the spay/neuter surgery while the cat is under anesthesia.   

  • All barn cats will be vaccinated for rabies and distemper prior to adoption.

  • Barns and other large spaces can often successfully house more than one cat at a time. Multiple-cat adoptions are encouraged, but not required.

  • Barn cat adopters must agree to provide:

    • Consistent access to safe shelter like a barn or shop that provides protection from bad weather and some warmth from the cold.

    • Food and clean water every day

    • Future medical care as needed

    • ​A room or space to keep the cat confined for 2-3 weeks with a litterbox until they learn their new environment and where "home" is.

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