Love & Friendship Adoption Center Animal Care Team

Tim DeVore, Executive Director

Tim DeVore is a Decorah native who in his free time enjoys cycling the trail, video games, cooking, and reading. His draw to the humane society was his love for animals of all shapes and sizes. He learned about the shelter from Andrew Shawver, Operations Director, and his constant passion to help and provide a wonderfully caring environment for each animal. 


He takes joy in working with both the pups and cats at the shelter to discover each individual animals personalities and hopes to hear about all the mischief they get themselves into once they are in their forever homes.

Andrew Shawver, Operations Director

Andrew Shawver lives in Fort Atkinson, IA and has worked at the HSNEI Love & Adoption Center for three years.

He was a volunteer at the Adoption Center before he joined the Center staff. His love for animals drew him to HSNEI.


Andrew enjoys working with both cats and dogs at the Center and loves seeing animals go to their forever homes. His most rewarding adoption was Rocky, a dog who came to the Center very scared of everyone. Andrew would eat lunch with Rocky in his kennel until Rocky grew to trust him. It was Andrew's dedication to and patience with Rocky that helped him find his forever home. 


Andrew is also a chef and has started his own homemade ice cream business to support HSNEI's mission. Adopting a shelter pet is important to Andrew as he believes all animals need homes.

Kaija Klein, Animal Care Assistant

Kaija Klein is originally from Rapid City, South Dakota but lives in Decorah. Her love and passion for helping animals is what drew her to HSNEI. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her Labrador Retriever Noel, family and friends. She is currently pursing a vet tech degree and hopes in the future she is able to have her own rescue so she can continue to help animals in need. She loves working at HSNEI because there she is able to help animals that are in need of homes and love. She likes to work with both cats and dogs. She thinks the most rewarding part about working at HSNEI is seeing the change in the animals when they go from being at the shelter to their forever homes. She loves when adopters give updates on how their animal is doing after they are brought to their forever homes and she loves that she was able to be part of the process in getting them to their forever homes. She thinks every animal deserves a loving home and at HSNEI she is able to help make that happen.

Maddison Engelhardt, Animal Care Assistant

Maddison is an animal lover. She lives on an acreage near Fredericksburg. She has 4 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs, 6 steer calves, and chickens. After high school she plans on going to college to be a vet technician. She enjoys working at HSNEI! Every animal of all shapes and sizes deserves the best possible care and love until they find their forever home. 

Brittney Ehrie, Animal Care Assistant

Brittney has always lived in the country in Decorah, Iowa. She has always had animals as pets: cats, dogs, cows, horses, rabbits, goats, chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese. Her favorite animals are Boxers. The Humane Society is a great place for her to continue her passion for animals.  She enjoys learning each animal's personality. Her goal is to provide happiness for these animals and she hopes that each finds their forever home. 

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