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Our Wish Lists

* Quality canned dog food

* Gentle Leaders: med and large

*Adult dog food (Purina preferred)
*Nylabone Durachews
*Kongs: med, large, x-lg in black and red
*Kuranda Beds: 25x18, 30x20, 35x23
*Peanut butter without xylitol
*Canned pumpkin
* Dry cat food (Indoor Cat Purina preferred)

* Dry kitten food (Purina kitten chow preferred)
* Canned kitten food 
(Fancy Feast preferred)
* Canned cat food (pate preferred)

* Feliway cat calming pheromone spray
* Cat treats

*Marth Wood pellets 40#-used as cat litter
*Cat wand toys with removable/interchangeable toy
*Cage scratchers for cats from
*Kuranda beds- any size
*Kuranda beds-
Adoption Center
* Gas gift card 

* Liquid laundry soap – HE free & clear

*Chicken or turkey baby food
* Bleach - NOT low splash

* Postage stamps

* Pet safe ice melt

* Garbage bags – 13 gallon, drawstring

* Thin dry erase markers

*Paper towels
* Toilet paper

* Morton system saver II softener pellets

* Nitrile gloves med and large
*Sharpie permanent marker
*Multisurface bathroom cleaner spray
* Bandaids
*Toilet bowl cleaner
* Dawn dish soap

*Dog/cat urine pads
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