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Scarlett the Cat: Superior to Scarlett Johansson

From her beautiful facial markings to her incredibly sweet personality, Scarlett has proven herself to be an absolute gem. While she can be a little shy around other cats, Scarlett is more than willing to befriend any human that happens to be near her. I always say hello to her with an absolutely terrible impression of the way comedian Hannibal Buress says “Scarrrrrrrrleeett” in his routine about meeting actress Scarlett Johansson, a greeting I know she doesn’t understand but still graciously accepts.

The first thing you’ll likely notice when you meet Scarlett are the gorgeous orange markings that form an almost symmetrical “mask” around her face. She also has a few other splotches of orange on her otherwise white fur, one of which is a perfect circle on her back. Scarlett very good with people and always make a beeline directly towards anyone that is sitting down so she can hop in their lap. Once she has you hostage, she really enjoys having her ears and chin scratched. If you want to stand up again, she’ll usually allow you to but will definitely follow you around until your lap is accessible once more. Scarlett is pretty playful and will chase all sorts of toys around if she’s in the right mood. She also likes to gently nibble at hands but is the kind of cat I have complete trust in to not start actually biting me. I figure I owe it to Scarlett after subjecting her to the obnoxious way I say her name.

With her sweet nature, Scarlett seems like a cat that has the potential to do well in anyone’s home, though it may take her some time to get completely comfortable with the presence of other pets. I have no doubt that she will be an amazing furry friend to whoever adopts her, and I hope her future family is cool with serving as human-chairs for her benefit.

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