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My Friend Bud

Let me tell you about my friend Bud. He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, who along with his brother Dixon, are residents at HSNEI Love and Friendship Center for over 2 years now. Bud and his brother have been patiently waiting for their “person” to come take them home. Countless times potential adopters have walked by his kennel without so much as a glance.

Bud: Why doesn’t anyone stop to say hi to me? I don’t bark when you are near my kennel. I always try to be on my best behavior. I know my basic commands. I always sit when I am told. I walk well on a leash, trying not to pull too hard for the person walking me. I love everyone I meet. Why doesn’t anyone want me?

Speaking as a volunteer who has known Bud and Dixon since they first arrived at the Center, they are both great dogs! Always happy go lucky! I call Bud “My Bud Man”, he seems to like that! We go on car rides together, which he absolutely loves. His favorite thing is ice cream at McDonalds. But don’t let him eat too much or he’ll get a tummy ache. We found that out the hard way! I know if someone would give him a chance, with patience and time for him to adjust to the “real world” vs “kennel life”, he would make someone a great dog, a loyal companion, and a friend for life.

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