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Angel: Living up to the name

Angel was a little rowdy when I first met her, but has been making great strides towards living up to her name since then. She no longer tries to play tug-of-war with her leash and is quickly learning basic commands. While Angel still has boundless energy that’s a little difficult to reign in at times, I’m proud of the progress she is making at HSNEI and look forward to watching her grow even more.

Angel is a two-year-old Pitbull with beautiful dark brown coat and a white patch of fur shaped like a bone on her chest. Her tongue frequently lolls out of her mouth when she is happy or excited, but thankfully she isn’t much of a drooler. Angel is an incredibly athletic dog and loves to sprint across the play yard or play tug-of-war. She is also fairly strong and tends to knock me back a few steps whenever she jumps up to say hi. Angel still needs to work on greeting people a bit more gently, but until that time I’m just grateful she never knocks me or anyone else to the ground. Some dogs struggle with going outside in wintertime, but Angel seems to love snow and is intrigued by ice. She spent a good amount of time pushing a tennis ball around on a frozen puddle in the play yard this morning and didn’t appear to have any qualms with being out in the cold. She also likes to explore her surroundings independently but will come barrelling full speed from the opposite side of the yard to check up on you every once in a while.

Angel is a very sweet, rambunctious dog whose quirks make me laugh even when she’s being frustrating. I think she’d be a very fun addition to an active family with plenty of patience and love to spare. Angel may not be perfect, but she’s equally as loving and loyal as her namesake once you get to know her.

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