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Meredith: An improved version of Garfield

Even before I spent much time with her, Meredith inexplicably reminded me of a skinny version of Garfield. I think it has a lot to do with the color of her fur and her unspoken, but likely real, distaste for Mondays. I’m not sure if she likes lasagna or not, but this is probably a question best left unanswered.

Meredith is eight-years-old, declawed, and probably one of the softest cats I’ve ever petted. Her bright orange fur is very beautiful and she puts a lot of effort into maintaining it by grooming herself frequently. Meredith can be a bit of a curmudgeon at times, but tends to love soaking up attention more than she values her personal space. She usually walks up and starts batting her paws against my knee when she wants to be petted, and surprised me today by crawling right into my lap while I was scratching her ears. It depends what kind of mood she’s in, but Meredith can also be quite playful as well. She seems to prefer toys on a string to any other type, likely because she doesn’t have to do much besides stay in one place and bat it around. Chasing toys is a kitten’s game anyway.

Meredith is a great cat and one of my favorites to spend time with. Meredith is a bit older and would do best in a calm home by herself where she can feel at ease and soak up all of her humans’ attention. I know most people are interested in adopting kittens or other young cats, but senior cats like Meredith are highly underrated and are just as deserving of good homes.

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