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Addison: Ready for her closeup!

Addison looks like one of those beautiful tabbies that cat food and cat litter companies love to use in their commercials, though she might be too playful to find work in the animal advertising industry. Whether she’s in her cat condo or out and about, Addison always wants to play. The shredded mouse toy currently hanging in her condo is definitely a testament to this, as is her tendency to meow at me incessantly until I open her door.

Addison is two-years-old and has a lot of interesting markings on her brown fur that range in color from black to light orange. I’m no cat expert so this may not be that uncommon, but she’s one of the very few cats I’ve met that have black paw pads instead of pink ones. There’s nothing she loves more than playing with toys, especially if they’re on a string or make noise. She watches jingly ball toys with particular intensity and pounces on them like prey. Addison is a very friendly cat, but has her limits when it comes to being held or petted. She is most receptive to those activities when she’s certain that you aren’t trying to put her back in her condo before she’s ready to go back in. Spoiler: Addison is never ready and makes me chase her around for five minutes until I catch her. Thankfully, she is usually enough to forgive me if I throw in a mouse toy afterwards.

Addison is okay around most other cats as far as I have observed, but usually adopts a more reserved energy around them. However, she’s still pretty young and has the ability to adapt to new feline friends in the right environment. Addison is really entertaining and fun to play with, so I’m certain she will bring a lot of joy to her future family, who will also hopefully help her fulfill her destiny as a cat litter commercial star.

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