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The Dynamic Duo: Bud & Dixon

Bud and Dixon are brothers and whether they’re together or apart, they’re two of the most energetic dogs I have ever met. They greet you with a smile every day and are always eager to go outside. Both of these beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been at HSNEI for over a year and definitely deserve to find homes that can keep up with them individually or as a pair.

Both of these lovable dogs are similar in appearance, but an easy way to tell them apart is their tails. Dixon has a white tip on his tail, while Bud’s is all black. Of these two, Dixon is more likely to put in extra effort to receive a treat by obeying commands like “sit.” Sometimes Dixon forgets his manners when his brother is around, but gets back on track once you pretend to offer his treat to Bud. He is incredibly friendly, loves to be close to people, and seems to have boundless energy for any activity. Dixon is always extremely interested in my camera and often jumps up to get a closer look at the lens when we’re outside. This doesn’t make for great photos, but I forgive him because he’s so cute.

Bud is similar to Dixon in many ways, but is a bit more mischievous than his brother. Even though he gets excited easily, he’s rather good at waiting to leave his kennel until you put his leash on, something he’s surprisingly a teeny bit better about than Dixon. He also sits well for treats. Bud is super sweet and enjoys receiving as many belly rubs as possible when we spend time together. It’s always entertaining to watch Bud and Dixon play because they complement each other so well. If you throw a tennis ball it’s not uncommon for them to turn and sprint after it in tandem and if one of them jumps on you to say hello? Prepare to have two sets of front paws resting on you instead of one.

Bud and/or Dixon would be a very loving addition to households that are into spending time outside and on the go. Both of these boys are friendly and intelligent and while everyone at the shelter loves them, it would be great to see them find homes soon. While they can be adopted together, they may be better suited adopted apart to give time to work individually on training.

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