January 9, 2019


We rescued Barney from HSNEI in June - we would love to give you an update on how he is doing here in Cedar Rapids!

Barney is doing amazing! He is still the ultimate couch potato that he was the day we brought him home. He gets long walks each day to soak in all the smells he can. We go to a dog park with a huge fenced in forest area and it’s great for him do his thing!

Words cannot describe how much we love having him in our family. None of this would have been possible without your help - the countless belly scratches, walks, and car rides he was given at the shelter. We are so appreciative of what you all do!

You saved Barney’s life and he has saved mine. Thank you for everything!

With Love,

Amelia & Sean

July 9, 2018

Let me tell you about my friend Bud.  He is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix, who along with his brother Dixon, are residents at HSNEI Love and Friendship Center for over 2 years now.  Bud and his brother have been patiently waiting for their “person” to come take them home. Countless times potential adopters have walked by his kennel without so much as a glance.

Bud:  Why doesn’t anyone stop to say hi to me?  I don’t bark when you are near my kennel. I always try to be on my best behavior.  I know my basic commands. I always sit when I am told. I walk well on a leash, trying not to pull too hard for the person walking me. I love everyone I meet. Why doesn’t anyone want me?

Speaking as a volunteer who has known Bud and Dixon since they first arrived at the Center, they are both great dogs! Always happy go lucky! I call Bud “My Bud Man”, he seems to like that!  We go on car rides together, which he absolutely loves. His favorite thing is ice cream at McDonalds. But don’t le...

February 1, 2018

Last Sunday morning while I was at the HSNEI center volunteering, I had a special moment with a very special dog. 

Scott and I were going about our regular routine, getting dogs out their first time, feeding dogs, and then getting the dogs out a second time for walks.  I started my walking routine with Zooie. It had just snowed a light dusting that morning, just enough to cover the roadways.  I got Zooie out of her kennel and proceeded to go on our walk. We were doing great, moving right along walking along side of the road.  Then suddenly I hit an ice patch under the snow that I never saw.  Yup, I wiped out!  As I was going down, Zooie instantly stopped and then came running back to me.  With a look of concern on her face, she stayed there right by my side.  After a few moments to compose myself, I slowly got up with her assistance.  She had let me use her for leverage.  Thankfully I was fine and only my ego was bruised, and grateful there were no other witnesses....

January 28, 2018

Sophie is simutenously the one of the prettiest and quirkiest cats I’ve ever met. Every day she stares at me with her surprisingly large, yellow eyes until I let her out of her cat condo to play or hang out on the catio. My favorite thing to do is watch Sophie drink water, because she sticks her paws in the bowl and licks the water off of them like a complete weirdo. Some days she’s is incredibly friendly, others she’s a little crazy, but you can always count on Sophie to be herself.

Sophie is two-years-old and has a beautiful tortoiseshell coat of many colors. She also has a stumpy tail with a small bump in the middle that she prefers you don’t touch, so the fur on that spot is perpetually messed up. Sophie’s favorite thing to do is hang out on the catio, and she will stare pleadingly on the windowsill regardless of how chilly it is outside. On nice days when her begging pays off, she loves sitting in the sun, watching birds, or standing up on her hind legs to stare at unknown objects...

January 26, 2018

Barney is a four-year-old Coonhound with the personality of a puppy, the strength of an ox, and the speed of a cheetah. He’s a rambunctious dog with a lot of love to give, and every moment I spend with him is a pleasure even when he spends our walks practically dragging me down the road.

Barney has a sleek coat of black, brown, and white fur with subtle gray markings on his chest. His ears are floppy and fun to play with, though I haven’t been able to get a read on whether he finds this demeaning or not. Barney gets along well with other dogs and loves to run around outside with his kennel neighbors, PJ and Chief. The three are not related

, but they get along so well that I think of them as siblings. Barney can be a handful at times, but usually calms down once he is able to get his energy out on a walk or in the yard. He seems to enjoy running around and sniffing his surroundings, which I’m perfectly content to let him do when he’s roaming free in the yard, but on walks? To Barney’s di...

January 25, 2018

Addison looks like one of those beautiful tabbies that cat food and cat litter companies love to use in their commercials, though she might be too playful to find work in the animal advertising industry. Whether she’s in her cat condo or out and about, Addison always wants to play. The shredded mouse toy currently hanging in her condo is definitely a testament to this, as is her tendency to meow at me incessantly until I open her door.  


Addison is two-years-old and has a lot of interesting markings on her brown fur that range in color from black to light orange. I’m no cat expert so this may not be that uncommon, but she’s one of the very few cats I’ve met that have black paw pads instead of pink ones. There’s nothing she loves more than playing with toys, especially if they’re on a string or make noise. She watches jingly ball toys with particular intensity and pounces on them like prey. Addison is a very friendly cat,...

January 24, 2018

Angel was a little rowdy when I first met her, but has been making great strides towards living up to her name since then. She no longer tries to play tug-of-war with her leash and is quickly learning basic commands. While Angel still has boundless energy that’s a little difficult to reign in at times, I’m proud of the progress she is making at HSNEI and look forward to watching her grow even more.

Angel is a two-year-old Pitbull with beautiful dark brown coat and a white patch of fur shaped like a bone on her chest. Her tongue frequently lolls out of her mouth when she is happy or excited, but thankfully she isn’t much of a drooler. Angel is an incredibly athletic dog and loves to sprint across the play yard or play tug-of-war. She is also fairly strong and tends to knock me back a few steps whenever she jumps up to say hi. Angel still needs to work on greeting people a bit more gently, but until that time I’m just grateful she never knocks me or anyone else to the ground. Some dogs st...

January 23, 2018

From her beautiful facial markings to her incredibly sweet personality, Scarlett has proven herself to be an absolute gem. While she can be a little shy around other cats, Scarlett is more than willing to befriend any human that happens to be near her. I always say hello to her with an absolutely terrible impression of the way comedian Hannibal Buress says “Scarrrrrrrrleeett” in his routine about meeting actress Scarlett Johansson, a greeting I know she doesn’t understand but still graciously accepts.

The first thing you’ll likely notice when you meet Scarlett are the gorgeous orange markings that form an almost symmetrical “mask” around her face. She also has a few other splotches of orange on her otherwise white fur, one of which is a perfect circle on her back. Scarlett very good with people and always make a beeline directly towards anyone that is sitting down so she can hop in their lap. Once she has you hostage, she really enjoys having her ears and chin scratched. If you want to...

January 20, 2018

Even before I spent much time with her, Meredith inexplicably reminded me of a skinny version of Garfield. I think it has a lot to do with the color of her fur and her unspoken, but likely real, distaste for Mondays. I’m not sure if she likes lasagna or not, but this is probably a question best left unanswered.

Meredith is eight-years-old, declawed, and probably one of the softest cats I’ve ever petted. Her bright orange fur is very beautiful and she puts a lot of effort into maintaining it by grooming herself frequently. Meredith can be a bit of a curmudgeon at times, but tends to love soaking up attention more than she values her personal space. She usually walks up and starts batting her paws against my knee when she wants to be petted, and surprised me today by crawling right into my lap while I was scratching her ears. It depends what kind of mood she’s in, but Meredith can also be quite playful as well. She seems to prefer toys on a string to any other type, likely because she doe...

January 19, 2018

Bud and Dixon are brothers and whether they’re together or apart, they’re two of the most energetic dogs I have ever met. They greet you with a smile every day and are always eager to go outside. Both of these beautiful Staffordshire Bull Terriers have been at HSNEI for over a year and definitely deserve to find homes that can keep up with them individually or as a pair.


Both of these lovable dogs are similar in appearance, but an easy way to tell them apart is their tails. Dixon has a white tip on his tail, while Bud’s is all black. Of these two, Dixon is more likely to put in extra effort to receive a treat by obeying commands like “sit.” Sometimes Dixon forgets his manners when his brother is around, but gets back on track once you pretend to offer his treat to Bud. He is incredibly friendly, loves to be close to people, and seems to have boundless energy for any activity. Dixon is always extremely interested in my camera a...

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