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The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa (HSNEI) is closed to public walk-ins and drop in volunteers until further notice. This public closure is in response to the worldwide pandemic COVID-19 outbreak. HSNEI is still accepting applications for animals as well as continuing the Foster to Adopt program at this time, conditionally and upon appointment request only. Please message us through Facebook or by phone at 563-382-0500 with any questions. HSNEI will be open for appointment only requests for surrendered animals and found stray animals at the current time.

The shelter will be open to appointment only requests for meet and greets with animals for APPROVED ADOPTERS showing no signs of illness and have not come in contact with any other individual(s) showing signs of illness. We will be allowing approved volunteers under the same conditions. Please sign up on BetterImpact so staff knows to expect you before your visit!

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