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H-SNAP: Spay/Neuter Assistance Program

The HSNEI Spay/Neuter Assistance Program of Northeast Iowa (H-SNAP) is a sliding-fee program focusing on spaying and neutering cats and dogs in Northeast Iowa. If you live in Allamakee, Clayton, Fayette, Howard, or Winneshiek County are a low-income family or individual interested in receiving H-SNAP assistance to spay/neuter your dog or cat and you, please fill out the application below.

H-SNAP spay/neuter surgeries are solely funded by grants and donations. Funds are limited, so all applicants may not receive spay or neuter services through this program. We will keep your application on record and contact you as funds become available. We will notify you  within one week after receiving your application. We use income information to determine eligibility. ​


Please fill out the attached application and email or send a copy of your past year's tax return, with social security number and birth date blacked out for privacy reasons. The tax return will be used to verify you live in one of our five counties of residence as well as household size and income. Assistance is given to families/individuals living at or below the poverty level based on federal guidelines. Please email to or mail or bring to HSNEI, 2345 Millennium Road, Decorah, IA 52101.

Fees and Eligibility

H-SNAP provides access to affordable spay/neuter surgeries by offering high-quality, low-cost services with affordable fees for everyone — with additional discounts to those who qualify based on income.

Do I Qualify for Reduced Fees?

Use the chart below to determine if you qualify for reduced pricing based on annual income and household size: 



Reduced fees available up to

1 person:                                 $36,450

2 people:                                 $49,300

3 people:                                 $62,150

4 people:                                 $75,000

5 people:                                 $87,850

6 people:                              $100,700

7 people:                              $113,550

8 people:                              $126,400

Additional Person:  +$12,850

Please be aware that if you cannot verify pet vaccinations, we may require vaccination at the time of spaying/neutering. This is at your cost. H-SNAP applies to spaying/neutering only and will not apply toward physical exams, vaccinations, surgery complications, or other procedures. There is a limit of three grants per household.

Click here to see area veterinarians who offer lower-cost spay/neuters or discounts.

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