HSNEI Love & Friendship Adoption Center Pound Services



HSNEI is licensed as both an animal shelter and a pound. As a pound we are licensed to hold stray animals for 5 days in hope of finding the owner. 


If claimed within 5 days, the owner pays a $25 reclaim fee and a $15 per day boarding fee. If a dog is turned in a second time the reclaim fee increases to $50, the third time $75. In addition, owners must reimburse HSNEI for any required medical or hygienic work that must be done for the health of the animal and other animals at the Center, including but not limited to flea control, bathing, worming, and emergency medical care.


Any dog that remains at the Center longer than 5 days or is turned in a fourth time becomes the property of HSNEI and will be vetted and placed for adoption.