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Outrageous Oreo

Oreo loves to sleep so much that he had me fooled into thinking he’s a completely chill, normal cat for over a week. Don’t get me wrong, he can be! The proof is in the vast majority of photos I have of his snoozing. However, Oreo can also a bit of a nutcase.

It’s rather easy to pick Oreo out of the bunch in the free roam room because the black spots on his white fur make him look like a small feline version of a cow. Today when I came to visit, Oreo was fast asleep in the cat window and promptly woke up to say hello. To my surprise, he then proceeded to jump up on my shoulder and refused to leave until I held him. He repeated this process a few more times while we were together, which I found amusing but very sweet. He also tried to eat my shoelaces, which was less sweet but admittedly amusing. When he is not being held or sleeping, Oreo enjoys running on the exercise wheel in the free roam room. He’s a fast runner and often begins meowing frantically when he gets the wheel moving faster than he anticipated. Oreo also seems to enjoy playfully harassing the other cats. A new bed was recently introduced to the room and he spent much of yesterday trying to tug it around while other cats were sleeping in it. He miraculously didn’t get into any fights because of it, so they must be used to his antics by now.

It has been a pleasure to see this side of Oreo and I hope my shoelaces will survive all of our future encounters. I think anyone looking for a fun-loving cat would really get a kick out of him as long as they’re willing to play along. Investing in some heavy duty shoelaces may not be a bad idea either.

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