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Princess Miranda

Miranda is a beautiful young cat that caught my eye the first day I came to HSNEI by coming up to the window of her cat condo and rubbing her head against it as if she expected me to pet her through the glass. She has remained just as friendly in the days since then, though I have discovered she can be picky about when and how you interact with her. For this reason, I’ve come to think of Miranda as a bit of a princess. I’m sure she would disagree with me with if she could read or speak, but I digress.

Every time I open Miranda’s cat condo, we engage in a ritual of sorts that consists of her lightly bashing her head against my palms and rolling around before I can pick her up and set her down on the floor to play. She recently took it upon herself to eliminate the second step of this ritual and climbed up on my shoulder before jumping to the floor herself. Miranda is very vocal when you play with her, but I find her chirpy little meow very helpful when it comes to deciphering what kind of mood she is in and whether she wants you to pet her or not. I don’t have it worked out perfectly yet, but like other cats, it certainly helps to pay attention to their behavior to avoid upsetting them. Miranda is incredibly sweet and likely to demand ear scratches when she is in a good mood. She also loves rubbing herself against peoples’ legs, even if you’re in the process of walking. This can get a bit dicey, but I assure you that she means well.

I enjoy spending time with Miranda a lot and have been pleased to witness her grow more and more comfortable with people. From what I have observed she could use some more work with other cats, but it’s possible that she will learn how to get along with them in time. Miranda is exactly the type of cat I would gravitate towards if I were in the position to adopt, and I’m positive she would add a lot to the lives of people who are.

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