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Mia the Bulldog

I’m not usually one to find bulldogs cute, but Mia has quickly made herself an exception in my eyes because of her personality. While she can be a little anxious at times, Mia is an incredibly sweet dog that thrives on spending time with people and loves to give you her best approximation of a hug when she is happy.

Like most bulldogs I’ve encountered, Mia’s mouth can’t always keep all of her teeth contained. Sometimes she looks a bit silly with half of her top row of teeth sticking out, but it only serves to add to her charm, much like the small amount of pink around her mouth. She does not tend do well around other dogs but really seems to love people. Mia really surprised me today with her level of engagement with my camera. The way she held poses until she heard the camera click was very amusing and seemed oddly intentional, especially for a one-year-old dog. When Mia wasn’t posing, she showed herself to be a budding tug-of-war champion and was eager to try and lick my face when I knelt to take photos. While I did not accept her kisses, I appreciated the intent behind them. Mia is a wonderful dog and I look forward to seeing her every morning, though I hope she is able to join a family that finds her goofy-looking face just as endearing as I do soon.

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