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Puppy: Unintentionally Hilarious

I knew of Puppy prior to meeting him because my roommates came back a couple months ago after visiting HSNEI gushing about “the fattest cat” they’ve ever seen. As they enthusiastically told me how much he had jiggled when he purred, I began to wonder if they were exaggerating his largeness. I was delighted to discover they were not, though he has lost some weight since they last saw him.

Like my roommates, Puppy is also the biggest cat I have seen in person. He is gray and white, weighs 19 pounds, and whenever he stretches all of his chub seems to migrate to the front of his body. He is not as active as most of the other cats, but is just as friendly and curious as they are despite his grumpy-looking exterior. Puppy is also one of the most unintentionally hilarious animals I have ever meet. Today I witnessed him knock over a food bowl twice and eat the few kernels of food left while laying down because he couldn’t be bothered to stand up again. If you happen to open the Free Roam Room door while Puppy is lying in front of it, you should absolutely not expect him to move. It is “his” door and it’s your fault that its movement slightly displaced him from his rightful spot. Thankfully the only retribution you face is a sound that I can only describe as a singular smoker’s meow, as he is rather quick to forgive.

Puppy is very easygoing and I can see him fitting very well into almost anyone’s life. Since he is so chunky, he does require a strict feeding schedule and some help with grooming to keep his fur looking nice, but it would definitely be worth it to keep this wonderful cat healthy and happy.

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