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Raven: Ready to Play

While many of the Cat Condo Room’s current residents are eager to play, Raven is perhaps the most energetic of the bunch. The moment you step in the room, this very adorable young, black cat appears at her window and eagerly attempts to get your attention (which she always succeeds at). Raven is a very friendly cat and is more than happy to spend quality time with any of her visitors.

Raven enjoys playing with a wide variety of cat toys and seems to select a new favorite once every couple of minutes. During my time with her today, she was first intrigued by a ball with a bell in it, then a feather wand, and a small pink ball she carried around in her mouth for at least ten minutes. As far as I have observed, Raven also gets along rather well with other cats and stays her same, loveable-self while around them. She often peers into other cats’ condos while she is out socializing, and has tried to enter them to make new friends on a handful of occasions.

Raven can be rambunctious, but is also undeniably sweet and easy to love. During a rare moment of calm for her, she laid down and wrapped her paws around my shoe as if she was giving it a hug. Raven is a great cat and will do well in any household that is just as loving and eager to play as she is.

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