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He is a true gem - playful but also mellow, and a total love bug.  He is very intuitive, super smart, and extraordinarily sweet. 

Most mornings we go to the dog park for at least an hour of romping and exploring, and he's made lots of friends.  Back home he loves to snuggle on the couch, but is always up for running errands, playing with chewy toys or supervising projects around the house.  When Dad gets home in the evening, they go for a long walk together and then spend quality guy time chilling on the couch watching the game.

He eats two squares a day (not the picky eater anymore :) and his coat is slowly but surely growing back.

He quickly learned to "wait" before jumping out of the back of the CRV or taking off down the front steps, and to "stand" for a quick daily brushing.  Along with "sit", he knows "ride", "walk", "dog park", and "all done" with a show of empty hands when there are no more treats.
I could just go on and on about how wonderful our Leo is and how much we adore him!

The photo is of him with his Husky friend at the dog park.

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