February 1, 2018

Last Sunday morning while I was at the HSNEI center volunteering, I had a special moment with a very special dog. 

Scott and I were going about our regular routine, getting dogs out their first time, feeding dogs, and then getting the dogs out a second time for walks.  I started my walking routine with Zooie. It had just snowed a light dusting that morning, just enough to cover the roadways.  I got Zooie out of her kennel and proceeded to go on our walk. We were doing great, moving right along walking along side of the road.  Then suddenly I hit an ice patch under the snow that I never saw.  Yup, I wiped out!  As I was going down, Zooie instantly stopped and then came running back to me.  With a look of concern on her face, she stayed there right by my side.  After a few moments to compose myself, I slowly got up with her assistance.  She had let me use her for leverage.  Thankfully I was fine and only my ego was bruised, and grateful there were no other witnesses....

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