Happy Adoption Endings

Normie is a Happy Boy!

Normie came to live with us a few months ago.  Although he was tiny, he marched right in and has done more than hold his own among the other older cats.  Still small, he is now their leader, wrestling with them and goofing around.  Even the pecking order around the food bowl doesn't apply to him--they let him go first!  He is so lovable and cuddly with me and with the large old cat and it's delightful to hear Normie purr when they are together.  Normie is such a happy boy and just a joy to have around! --Ruth Kath

Walker is AMAZING!

This guy, what can I say. Walker was brought into my family when I heard he was "breaking down," mentally at the shelter, subsequently he was put into the loving arms of a foster family until I found him. A shelter environment, as wonderful as it can be, can be especially tough for this breed. When Walker came home he had a lot to learn. We both struggled, he and I alike. He was given free rein while I worked and he definitely tested me. But I chose to give him time to settle in and trust me. He learned the rules of the home and assimilated into the pack (He joined 3 other dogs.) Now I can't imagine life without this loving and silly guy. He is AMAZING.--Kim Hudecek

Luke the Entertainer!

This is Luke.  We adopted him from HSNEI almost 5 years ago- one of the best decisions we ever made. When we brought him home, he was scared of everything, but with some TLC, he's grown into an amazing member of our family. He's very well-behaved, and so sweet that he makes friends wherever he goes.  About every six months, he comes up with a new way to entertain us, whether it's finally deciding that chasing a ball is fun, or holding his own leash on walks, or most recently, demanding to hold hands whenever we're sitting down.  We can't imagine life without him, and we're very grateful to HSNEI for bringing us together.  --Dan and Chivonne Marlow  

Bailey Has a Family!

Bailey's family of six enjoys all of her unique characteristics so made a poster to express their love for her!

Mowlly is Saved!

Woof Dah! My name is Mowlly. HSNEI saved me from Deathrow. Their volunteers held me when I was scared and found a good home with my big sister, Freya. I enjoy food, TV, snow, and food. I like cheese, bacon, eggs, carrots, broccoli, green beans, and yogurt in cereal.


Even tho the “w” is silent, Mowlly is not. She is the noisiest huskee that we have known. During the weekend ride to town, she gets so excited that she screams like a banshee. It is like having our own siren. She sounds to us as if she is laughing and chattering. To someone else who doesn’t know huskees real well, it might sound like she is being tortured. 


She is now a confident and thriving huskee who is making the most of her second chance. When she meets people she is cheerful and charming. The whole room lights up when she enters. Every morning she gives me a smile to share with everyone I meet. 

And Indy Makes Four!

Indy is the cat we never expected to adopt. We already had three, and he was only going to stay for a couple of weeks with us. Except our other three kitties fell in love with him. And he filled a hole we didn't even know we had. I've never had a cat that hugs like he does. He also makes perfect eye contact with you, it seems like he's staring straight into your soul. He's incredibly expressive, snuggly, and playful. He loves and protects his three older sisters and showers both of his humans (and anyone that happens to visit) with hugs and head bonks.--Steph & Matt Hughes

Le Nez, "The Nose"

It started last fall when David had some leftover ham and joked that he needed a little dog to share it with. We'd been talking for a long time about looking for a new dog for our household. I pulled up HSNEI's website, which we do from time to time, and saw this inquisitive little face looking out at us. "Willy" was an older miniature dachshund. Our fifteen-year-old loves dogs with short legs and I've always loved merle (or dapple) markings, which he had. David and Finn went out to meet him and fell in love right away. Within just a few days, we had no idea how our household existed without him! He seemed to be very hard of hearing and didn't respond to his name, so we renamed him "Le Nez," (French for "the nose") or "Lennie." Lennie is the light of our family. He is the happiest little fella, following us around and then finding his own spot on the couch. He's perfectly suited to downtown living and makes new friends everytime we are on a walk. It's so much fun to see how many smiles he generates each day. 


We're so grateful to HSNEI for taking Lennie in and giving him a chance to find a new family. We can tell he's been cherished in the past and we couldn't love him more. We feel incredibly lucky. 

Kiera is a very good dog!

It's never too late for a second chance. Ask Kyla (formerly known as Kiera). She has gone from a long term Adoption Center dog to being a very, VERY good dog in her home, having completed Basic Obedience classes. Her mama couldn't be prouder and neither could we! 

Frosty and Jingle: The Christmas Cats!

Frosty and Jingle one year later! 

Frosty and Jingle were dumped at a neighboring vet clinic last winter with their two other siblings at just 10 weeks old. These two boys look like they are doing well and are happy to be together in their forever home!

Sheldon has brothers!

Sheldon was adopted on December 9th of 2016 and it looks like he is doing well, even though he didn't want to look at the camera! He is never lonely with all of his human brothers!

JT: A big baby

From his new owners: "I adopted JT back in April. It took about 2 days for my boyfriend and I to agree on a new name and we finally found one that suits him... Monte. He is a huge baby with us, loves to fall asleep on one of us and always sleeps in bed with us at night, usually right in the middle. He is currently 9 1/2 lbs, super lean and long. He constantly picks fights with his brother, but doesn't always win. We couldn't be more happy with him and couldn't image life without this little angel/trouble maker."

Bane finds the perfect fit!

My fiancé and I adopted a dog from HSNEI back in August. He was originally named Cooper, but we renamed him Bane. He has been an AMAZING fit to our family. Luna has enjoyed having a brother and permanent play partner around. Some of their favorite activities include the dog park, roaming the trails, chasing squirrels in the backyard and actively trying to eat mom and dad's food. They've had a few successful moments on that last one. We've learned that cats are a weak point for him, but we've been working on his relationship with our cats after reaching out to some trainers and getting advice and tips. It's quite funny to see how he interacts with them, especially our newest kitty. When we're not out and about or working with the cats, Bane enjoys quality belly rubs preferably when he takes over his favorite spot in the house, the bed. He gets slightly territorial with it if it's anybody besides Ryan and I in the house, but we're working on sharing. Overall, we're very happy to have been united with him. It's always something crazy going on in the house with all of the animals, but I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Marley's Transformation

Marley became part of the Humane Society of Northeast Iowa (HSNEI) story when a call came in to the Winneshiek County Sheriff’s office after he was found curled up on someone's doorstep and wouldn't leave. Badly injured and neglected, we are sure he was there desperate, looking for help. He was heavily matted and had his fur and skin ripped off across almost his entire back. It was infested with maggots and he smelled so bad the police officers didn't want to put him in their vehicle. Thankfully they did, as they could see his condition was urgent and knew he might not make it through the night. Marley was brought into the Decorah Vet Clinic on 6/25/17 around 10:00 pm. He was met by Dr. Amy Gibbs and technician Susan Peterson, who performed emergency surgery on him into the night. Marley’s four hours of surgery included being completely shaved for matted/overgrown hair, maggot debridement, and wound cleansing. He also had wounds on his ear tips which the Dr.'s suspect came from a fly infestation and he tested positive for Anoplasmosis (a tick-born disease). He spent two nights in the hospital before being released to HSNEI for foster care. He went home with Karen Bruening, a patient and loving HSNEI volunteer with two other dogs at home. He was exhausted and frightened and didn't trust very much. He slept for two days straight and then got a little more life into him. His wound was so big, he had to be taken into the vet every other day for laser/hydro therapy and to have his bandages changed. Things progressed slowly. He preferred to stay separate from the rest of the family. He didn't like to go outside very much. He was afraid of everything. His foster mom gave him constant attention and encouragement to go outside and introduce him to new things. After a month he started getting more friendly with the foster home's Irish wolfhound and Jack Russell. Gradually, after three months, he would attempt play. His foster mom said the one thing he loved was getting into the car: that dog is a road warrior! Once he was healthy and had grown less afraid, HSNEI transferred Marley to the Afghan Hound Club of America Rescue to keep him safe and help him get adopted into a family who understood the breed. HSNEI continues to fundraise to cover the extensive vet bills we paid for his surgery and follow-up care. Below you can see his story in pictures, from that first night and throughout recovery and healing with his foster mom and foster dogs. In the final photo, you can see Marley looking regal and comfortable in his new home in Missouri. We are so happy this team of compassionate people came together to rescue the magnificent dog Marley. He will always be remembered here at HSNEI as one of our best transformation stories. 

Baxter and Phoebe Waited 3 Years for Their Forever Home

After over three years with HSNEI, our special cats Baxter and Phoebe found the perfect home. They were born with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which caused them to wobble when they walk and to fall frequently. We wondered if they would ever find their forever home, then it happened! A lovely woman who had lost her cats met Baxter and Phoebe at an adoption event and felt they were the perfect match--and they are! Both cats are doing very well. They love playing with toys, cuddling, and catching flies! They get lots of exercise so can walk and run farther each day without falling. They seem to be very happy cats and bring joy to the home! What a wonderful happy ending!

Cici: Blind kitty finds forever home

Partially blind, frail and scared, Cici was found roaming the streets of Waukon, IA as a young kitten. No one is sure what happened to Cici before she was found, but we know her first few months of life were rough. One eye was blind and the other was severely infected. A good samaritan called HSNEI and after meeting this sweet kitten we had to do everything we could to give her a second chance at a great life. She never could have survived on her own. 


When Cici came to HSNEI she was in very bad shape. One of Cici's eyes was badly infected and took a toll on her health, and she was blind in the other eye and it was susceptible to infection so both eyes had to be removed to avoid infection. As a small rescue organization we do not have a lot of funds, but appealed to the public to help with Cici and donations came in to help with her surgeries. Cici responded lovingly to everyone that interacted with her and quickly learned to cope without eye sight. Blind felines can cope in the right, consistent environment. Their senses of hearing and smelling are much stronger than that of humans, so they learn to cope in a consistent environment where objects remain in the same place--furniture, the litter box, and food.  


Once Cici's infection was treated she began eating more, gained weight, and was ready for adoption. Cici learned to put her paw out and use it like a cane to feel her way around in a new environment. HSNEI wanted to find a very special home for Cici given her special needs--special needs plus being a black cat made her adoption more challenging since black cats are harder to adopt out. Stephanie and Matt Hughes were the perfect family for Cici. They set up a "home base" for Cici with her litter box, food and water so she knew where to find what she needed, but it didn't take her long to start exploring the house, making a mental map of the layout, and staking out her favorite napping spots. The main adjustment Stephanie and Matt made was watching their step because Cici moves around so silently. Cici also gets disoriented easily if picked up so has to be put down where she was picked up so she knows where she is, she also can startle easily so Matt and Stephanie talk to her before petting her so she knows they are there. Her adoptive family describes Cici as, "a really friendly kitty with a beautiful, tiny 'trill' of a meow. She loves to be petted and groomed with a brush, and she's very smart." Stephanie was showing her how to use a scratching post with her hands and Cici pushed her hand out of the way as if to say "I got it, thanks. Blind, not dumb."


Cici was a cat many would have written off and euthanized because of her condition, but HSNEI believes every animal is worth saving if possible and saw past Cici's blindness and frailty. Now she has a loving home and is a happy, healthy kitten. HSNEI looks forward to breaking ground on our Adoption Center in Spring 2014 so we can help more animals like Cici find their forever homes.

Bowie (formerly Toki)

I wanted to send you an update on Bowie (Toki). He is one big cuddle bug, that thinks he is 10 pounds. He tries to crawl right in your lap and give you kisses. His favorite things are of course his toys and eating grass. We are having such a good time with him. He has been growing socially, he loves meeting new people and dogs. He has met several male dogs and has played with them with no problems which makes us happy. Crating him was going well, but he does so well when he is in the house he no longer needs it. We are working on his training, and he is very treat motivated. He walks wonderfully, unless we see a squirrel :) We are so happy to have him in our lives, we are glad he adopted us! I have attached some pictures of him. We hope to bring him by for a visit in the near future. 

Cuddles and Cubby

Remember Cuddles and Cubby - the 2 kitties looking for a home together? We had a great home step forward who was willing to adopt both of these sweethearts so they could stay together. Here's what their new mom saw when she came home from work the other day. Lynx, Cuddles, and Cubby all snuggling together on the recliner. Looks like life is good!!

Keetah (formerly Louise)

Update on Keetah FKA Louise. We adopted her this summer and she has become a very loved very needed member of our family. She is so gentle and sweet. She participated in dog training classes and has learned many things besides manners (which she had before) like shake and play dead. She aimed to please. She loves all her humans but has a special connection with her 3 year old human. They are inseperable and not only do we find her in bed with her at night but if Laney cries in the night Keetah is the first one there to comfort her. She takes protecting her as a serious matter. Even chasing Laney around house in play...Keetah will step in between and put Laney behind her facing the chaser as if to say,  "you're not getting any closer." This weekend Keetah even debuts in our local school musical as Rufus! 


The only flaw she has is separation anxiety and she can get out of all kennels. Poor thing must have had some challenge before coming to us. On the cute side....she snores! Loudly I might add! But she is so loved! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing her from the high kill shelter in Oklahoma and giving her a chance to be loved! She is home to stay fur ever and won't have to worry about that again!


He is a true gem - playful but also mellow, and a total love bug.  He is very intuitive, super smart, and extraordinarily sweet. 

Most mornings we go to the dog park for at least an hour of romping and exploring, and he's made lots of friends.  Back home he loves to snuggle on the couch, but is always up for running errands, playing with chewy toys or supervising projects around the house.  When Dad gets home in the evening, they go for a long walk together and then spend quality guy time chilling on the couch watching the game.

He eats two squares a day (not the picky eater anymore :) and his coat is slowly but surely growing back.

He quickly learned to "wait" before jumping out of the back of the CRV or taking off down the front steps, and to "stand" for a quick daily brushing.  Along with "sit", he knows "ride", "walk", "dog park", and "all done" with a show of empty hands when there are no more treats.

I could just go on and on about how wonderful our Leo is and how much we adore him!

The photo is of him with his Husky friend at the dog park.

Dash (formerly Gage)

Dear Friends, 

I am very much enjoying my new home in Monona. I have adjusted quickly to my new family and have had ZERO accidents/markings in the house (My parents are super proud of this and tell me I'm a good boy when I ask to go outside)!!


My new family calls me Dash, and I come running every time I hear my name. 


Mom says I'm really smart because I'm learning so fast! I have sit, lie down, and shake completely mastered and Mom and Dad are talking about taking me to classes soon! I also know "where's Ryan" at which point I run to Ryan and give him a hug. I'm still not sure that I like "Crate Training" ... but I'm getting better at it. 


Santa brought me lots of treats and toys for Christmas. My favorite toy is the blue and green rope. He also brought me a brand new bed, where I love to sleep upside down! 


I went to two family Christmas parties. I met a lot of new people and loved all of them. I was a little disappointed that Mom wouldn't let me chase the cats at Grandma and Grandpa's house though. It was lots of fun, but it took a lot of energy, so today I'm just napping and playing in the snow. 


I'm so happy in my new home. I can't wait to see what adventures I'll have next. 

Thank you for taking such good care of me while I stayed with you and for helping me find a new home! 


Dash (Gage)

Fergus (formerly Justice)

Fergus, formerly known as Justice, was adopted in late October 2015 after he was thrown out the window of a moving vehicle and then brought to HSNEI. He suffered from road rash and other injuries, but has fully recovered and is now a happy kitty that gets lots of love and attention!



Fergus is a sweet, loving boy who loves being the center of attention. Whether you are working on your computer or trying to make dinner, you can expect that he will crawl on your lap, rub up against your legs, or meow until all of your focus is on petting and scratching him. He loves snuggling up on us and pushing his forehead into his mom and dad’s faces, and can be found sleeping on our pillows every night. He also loves having “meow-offs” as we call them, where he meows and we meow back at him (and this can go on for quite some time!).



However, we’re pretty sure that Fergus’ favorite thing about his forever home is his feline brother, Chester. Where you find one you find the other, either chasing each other around the house or cuddling up with each other on the couch. When the window is open, you can even find them sitting on the windowsill, watching the little critters outside together!



Fergus was the perfect addition to our little family and we are so happy to have him here. It still breaks our hearts to know how awful his past must have been for him, but we are relieved to know that he is safe with us, and we couldn’t have asked for a better companion, both for Chester and ourselves!


Luna's family wrote with a great update: "She has been a lovely edition to our family. She is starting to warm up and make herself at home. She loves trips to the dog park, playing in the backyard, walks, and enjoying a nice fire in the fire pit at night. She is learning the commands for sit and come quickly. She greets us every day, whether we are coming home or getting out of bed in the morning. Instead of kisses she puts her nose to your nose. She is a very sweet and gentle girl. She's perfect."

Lucy (formerly Baylor)

Hello! We adopted "Baylor" on April 28th and wanted to give you all an update! We renamed her Lucy and she caught on to that right away! She's such a sweet and good girl! Our 3 year old and Lucy play all day long! She's so good with children and other dogs! We also noticed Lucy gets protective of our 3 year old and us too. That makes us love her even more (which I didn't know was possible!!) Lucy has been doing basic obedience training and has come a long way within these two months. We are so lucky to have found a dog like her. And we thank you so much for helping us pick her.


Joanie came to HSNEI scared and timid after her owner passed away. Thankfully it didn't take long for her to find her forever home. She was so frightened at first but came around quickly. She sits on the couch, snuggles and uses her head to nudge her new family for more love. Happy second ending Joanie!

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