Humane Society of 
Northeast Iowa

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Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10am-4pm

Thursday 10am-6pm

Sunday, Monday CLOSED

**Closed on all national holidays**

Note: Office and animal areas will be open additional hours for cleaning,

feeding, animal evaluation, and operations. Visitors under 16-years-old must be

accompanied by an adult into animal areas.


The Humane Society of Northeast Iowa (HSNEI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Northeast Iowa by rescuing, caring for, and finding adoptive homes for unwanted pets; reducing population of companion animals through spay/neuters; fostering respect for life; encouraging volunteerism; and educating the community about responsible pet guardianship. HSNEI aims to provide humane rescue, animal protection, fostering and adoption for animals. As a no-kill organization, we do not euthanize any animal that is adoptable. “Adoptable” is defined as a healthy or reasonably treatable animal with no behavioral problems that create a danger to humans or animals. However, this does not mean that we will keep every animal despite their temperament and health. If the animal is dangerous or extremely ill/injured, the humane choice may be to euthanize the animal, otherwise we are willing to pursue all reasonable efforts for the well-being of the animal. Euthanization solely for the sake of space is not an acceptable policy. Animals who are suffering mentally, emotionally or physically may be euthanized for their peace. Animals who pose a danger to themselves, other animals, or the public may be euthanized for safety reasons. Each animal accepted by HSNEI will be evaluated on an ongoing basis taking into account behavior and medical conditions.


All animals entering HSNEI’s system must first be admitted to the Adoption Center by approval of the Director.

  • All animals enter HSNEI’s system through the intake room in the Adoption Center to assure the animal is healthy, adoptable and disease free. Once being evaluated and determined disease free, the animal will either be moved to an adoptable animal room or into foster care if more appropriate. No animal shall first be admitted to a foster home without going through the intake room for evaluation. In exceptional cases, an animal who is sick may be placed into a special foster home to recover so as not to infect other animals at the Adoption Center.
  • All animals entering the Adoption Center without vaccination and/or vet records will be vaccinated for rabies and DHLPP, tested for parasites, and be given flea/tick topical. In addition, dogs will be given intranasal kennel cough vaccine and tested for heartworm, and cats tested for Feline Leukemia. Animals found to have parasites or Feline Leukemia will be treated immediately.
  • Once HSNEI reaches our state license capacity, we will make every attempt to find a shelter to take the animals and will transport if necessary.
  • HSNEI discourages drop offs after hours; however, realizing that this may happen we will post a sign discouraging drop offs and calling attention to security cameras and possible prosecution and leave kennels out at night for those people who choose to drop off an animal, for the animal’s safety. These animals will be treated as strays for purposes of intake procedures.
  • Animals coming from impounds and strays will be routinely checked for microchips and owners contacted when possible. When dogs are turned in to police impound as strays, they remain in HSNEI quarantine for one week and are advertised in an attempt to locate their owner. If the owners do not claim the dog, the dog is turned over to HSNEI. Unfortunately, many times microchip information is out-of-date so there is no contact information for the owner. In that case HSNEI pays for all veterinary work and places the dog for adoption.
  • HSNEI will spay and neuter all animals of appropriate ages. If an animal comes into foster care unaltered, arrangements will be made to have the animal altered as soon as possible after a required 5-day holding period when appropriate.
  • HSNEI will only take owner surrenders on an as-available basis as approved by the Director. Owners are encouraged to exhaust other alternatives before surrendering their animals and must fill out an Owner Surrender form before HSNEI will accept the animal. A courtesy listing may be placed on our website for the animal provided the animal has been altered and is current on vet work. Owner surrenders may opt for an “Adoptability Guarantee” surrender, meaning they pay an $80 fee and can pick up the animal after two months if not adopted. To qualify for this guarantee, the animal has to pass behavioral tests and have all vet work done prior to surrender. Without the guarantee the previous owner has no right to reclaim the animal or to future knowledge of the animal’s placement.



 All adoptions must follow HSNEI’s adoption process.

  1. An application must be filled out and vet and personal references checked by HSNEI staff or assigned volunteers.
  2. Applications should be completed online at or in paper at an adoption event or the Adoption Center. Receipt of all applications should be acknowledged within 24 hours when submitted online.
  3. Applications should be reviewed and references checked with a goal of making hte best match between an animal and a home. Applicants will receive an update on their application within 5 days of receipt. Landlord approval is necessary and must be verified when a potential adopter is renting.
  4. As a rule, potential adopters are required to have current vaccinations on all their existing pets before being approved for an adoption. HSNEI will verify vaccinations with a potential adopter’s current veterinarian before approval of an adoption.
  5. Unless there is good reason, potential adopters are expected to have all current animals spayed or neutered before adopting from HSNEI.
  6. Adoption decisions are made by HSNEI staff, with the final decision resting with the Director.
  7. The entire potential adoptive family should be strongly encouraged to meet the animal before adoption. A driver’s license is required to be left at the Adoption Center before taking an animal out of the building.
  8. Animals are not to be promised to an individual or released to an individual until after approval from the Application Committee, and only after all paperwork is signed and adoption fees are paid.
  9. All documentation of an adoption and payment must be submitted to the HSNEI Treasury within one month of the adoption.
  10. HSNEI cannot guarantee the health and temperament of any animal.


  1. An Owner Surrender Form will be filled out and signed for each animal being released.
  2. All animals released become the sole property of HSNEI. Releasing parties are transferring ownership of the animals.
  3. If a released animal proves unfit for adoption, or has a serious medical problem, HSNEI can make no assurances that the animal will be placed in a new home. The Society does its best to see that animals are placed in responsible homes and that adopting families live up to the strict adoption standards.
  4. Once an animal is released to HSNEI, the only avenue an owner has of getting the animal back is to adopt it after an approved application and paying the adoption fee, unless an Adoptability Guarantee was signed at the time of surrender.


Volunteers provide support to the Board and HSNEI with the following guidelines:

  1. Unsupervised volunteers must be at least 14 years of age. Volunteers under 14 years of age may socialize with the animals under direct supervision of parents, guardians, or a parent-approved volunteer.
  2. Volunteers are requested to attend a training session, and agree to abide by the guidelines, and policies and procedures established by HSNEI.
  3. The staff of HSNEI, Executive Director, or members of the Board may immediately relieve a volunteer of his/her duties should such an action be necessary, to ensure the safety and welfare of the volunteers, public, animals, or the Society and its mission.
  4. The Adoption Center depends on volunteers to work the shifts assigned to provide the best care for the animals; therefore, if a volunteer does not report for two shifts without notice and good reason, they will no longer be scheduled to volunteer.
  5. The Board must approve all activities in which a volunteer speaks on behalf of the organization. These include, but are not limited to: media appearances, school presentations, educational programs, service club presentations, or appearances at local businesses. Volunteers who engage in these activities must use only those materials approved by the Director or the Board. Following each engagement, volunteers will provide feedback of the event, as is appropriate, to a designated contact.
  6. Volunteers will be asked to help with those activities for which they have indicated an interest and willingness to help. From time to time, volunteers may be asked if they wish to help with other activities when volunteers are needed.


Injuries and/or bites may occur while the pet is in the care of HSNEI. ALL cases must be reported immediately to the Director. HSNEI is not liable for injuries from animals. Please use common sense in care of the animals. Advise the Director immediately in the event of aggressive behavior by an animal. Do not allow young children to be around pets unsupervised. If damage or injury should occur due to neglect or violation of HSNEI Foster Policies, HSNEI is not responsible for damages.