Humane Society of 
Northeast Iowa

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HSNEI is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that rescues and shelters homeless cats and dogs until they can be adopted into their “forever” homes. Adopting an animal is a lifetime responsibility and commitment to that animal.


  • HSNEI advocates for spaying/neutering of all companion animals, and for the humane treatment and care of animals.


  • Adoption fees range from $30.00-$75.00 for cats, and $200.00-$325.00 for dogs depending on the age, gender, and size of the animal, and the time with HSNEI. These adoption fees only partially cover the veterinary expenses and housing costs for the animals. In addition, a $25 kitten and $50 puppy deposit is required when adopting an animal that is not yet neutered or spayed, which is reimbursed upon proof of altering. Surgical alteration is required by 6 months of age.


  • After submitting an application at, there is a processing period in order to complete all pre-adoption checks, personal references, and paperwork before an adopter may take an animal home. Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged within 24 hours when submitted online. HSNEI's goal is to make the best match for the animal and the adopter so the adoption is successful, so all applications are equally considered that are received within a 24 hour period. Adopters will receive an update on the adoption process ideally within 5 days of application submission.


  • Landlord approval is necessary and must be verified when a potential adopter is renting.


  • As a rule, potential adopters are required to have current vaccinations on all their existing pets before being approved for an adoption. Proof of spay or neuter may also be required for all resident pets. HSNEI will verify vaccinations with a potential adopter’s current veterinarian before approval of an adoption.

  •  Potential adoptive families will be allowed to meet foster animals only after an adoption application has been completed and approved. The entire adoptive family is strongly encouraged to meet the animal before adoption. In the case of canine adoptions, it is also strongly encouraged to bring any/all current resident dogs for a supervised introduction prior to bringing the newly adopted dog into the home.


  • HSNEI makes all reasonable efforts to identify any medical or behavioral issues related to the animals in our care, but cannot guarantee the health and/or temperament of any animal.

  • If you have questions please email [email protected] or call 563-382-0500.